What's a Kani shawl?

Kani shawls are one of the most loved pashmina shawls of historians that accentuate style and keep you warm as well.

If you are looking for a Kashmiri shawl, Kani is indeed one of the best pashmina you can ever buy. Kani Shawl is spun by using traditional wooden needles on a handloom. The Mughal pattern crafted over them strikes a bewitching spell on every woman.

Kani Shawls have been registered under GI i.e. Geographical Indication Act given by The Craft Development Institute. These shawls are made as per predefined designs. The specialty of these shawls is that they have knots and only trained craftsmen have knowledge to do it the right way.

Kani shawls are like an ethereal treat for craft lovers and have a unique and timeless demeanor. The beautiful patterns, soothing colors and elegance make them a perfect pick for not only the art lovers but also the fashionistas across the globe.

How is Kani woven? – The Technique

Kani Shawls are just an exclusive and extraordinary expression of art. The shawl is woven using wooden needles or wooden sticks known as Tujis or Kanis. The intricacies of weft weaving can easily be seen in the making. These Kashmiri shawls score pretty high in the eyes of craft patrons.

Most of the Kani shawls are made using 80% cashmere and the rest 20% is shared by silk and other wool to give strength to the fabric. But, these shawls impart a more classy and ethereal look when they are made in 100% pure cashmere wool.

The most surprising fact is that every Kani artisan is able to weave only one inch every day. Their patience level is unbelievable. Sometimes it depends on the labyrinth patterns as well as the complexity of the designs.

It may take up to 3 to 36 months to complete a Kani shawl completely depending on the complexity of the design.

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