Taking care of your Imitation Jewelry

Imitation jewelry can simulate the luxury of original gold Jewelry and make you look just as precious as you would with real Jewelry. Since it’s inexpensive and affordable, you can buy it in tons.

You probably pick a lot of these and shove them all in a box or a drawer; unorganized. Just like real Jewelry, you have to take care of your imitation Jewelry or it will wear off, lose it’s luster and won’t age well.

Here are 5 simple tips to make your rare and precious imitation Jewelry last a lifetime.

1. Keep away from Perfumes
It doesn’t matter how expensive or organic your perfumes are they still have ounces of chemicals in them. These chemicals can cause long lasting damage to your Jewelry. Using perfumes on Jewelry can cause it to lose it's color or even corrode it. So wear your perfume before you put on any Jewelry. The rule is, your Jewelry should be the last thing you put on & the first thing you take off.

2. No Hairspray or Serums
We know how busy it can get in the morning when you get late for work and have to rush to the office looking all professional and perfect. You might sometimes forget to take off your earrings in a hurry before you spray that last minute hairspray or serum. That can damage your earrings color, luster and form rust.

3. Separate Bags
Putting Jewelry in one bag can cause scratches on the delicate material. Such handling of Jewelry can cause it to break. Also, keeping them exposed to air can lead to oxidization. Small Jewelry like earrings and chains may get tangled in each other and would create a mess. Keeping them in different plastic bags will make it easy to find and keep them scratch free. 

4. Clean with fragrance-free wet wipes
Wearing your Jewelry all day long, drenched in sweat can cause it to become a dwelling for germs and bacteria to stack up in. Cleaning with fragrance-free wet wipes can prevent this from happening. Make it a part of your hygiene routine. 

5. Use a toothbrush to clean edges
It is very difficult to reach the microscopic corners of your Jewelry and clean the dirt accumulated in them. Use a fresh & clean toothbrush to reach these corners and clean the impurities.

By following these simple tips & trick's, you can extend the life of your precious pieces. Come visit us at Sufna to know more about our affordable and beautiful Jewelry to go with all the styles you go with.

Let us know your jewelry upkeeping best practices in the comments below.

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