Let’s understand how a Pashmina is made!

Have you wondered how those Pashmina masterpieces are created? There is a way of understanding the creation of Pashmina Shawls with supremacy to nature. The path leads us to the history as well as the contemporary aspect of Pashmina Shawls. The beauty of Pashmina Shawls enthralls the surroundings with opulence and glamour. In addition, the several procedures in the creation of Pashmina Shawls are exquisite. Living in the world of fashion, Pashmina has bestowed the people with its luxurious presence. The intricacy and the skill of the artisans of the Kashmir Valley cater to the creation. Consequently, they revive the culture and heritage of the valley itself with its wings of authenticity.

Exquisite Saga of Pashmina Shawls

The history dates back to the 15th century in the Kashmir Valley of India. The footprints of a saint Mir Syed Ali Hamdani from the middle east came to Kashmir with 700 craftsmen to adorn the beauty of the valley and to spread the holy message. The saint landed its appearance in the Changthang Mountain in Ladakh. While perceiving nature, he locked his eyes on the Goat of marvelous wool. Awestruck with the softness and fineness of the wool, he made socks out of it and gifted them to the Sultan Zain-ul-Abideen of Kashmir Valley. By the beauty of Pashmina wool, suggested making an industry that cultivates the Pashmina wool in desirable styles. Even the name Pashmina, derived from the Persian word, pashm, meaning "the soft gold" is exquisite in being.

The realm of creativity cherishes every dimension of a Pashmina Shawl. Several procedures for the creation of serene Pashmina Shawls are explicit. Moving with the bygone days of Pashmina's history, the curation defines itself in the most unique ways. Moreover, the skill along with the culture of the valley profound the horizon of creativity.

Pashmina Shawls-From the lap of finest Cashmere

Cashmere from the undercoat of different types of exquisite Goat breeds is obtained. Cashmere, procured from the downy and wooly pelage of the different breeds of Goats from around the world especially from Mongolia, China, Iraq, Iran, Nepal is of premium quality. Pashmina Shawls, specially made from the fleece of the Changra breed of goats is the finest. The Cashmere from the feet of Changthangi mountain of the Ladakh region is the finest among all. These are the finest fleece from the rarest breed of Changra belonging to the tribe of Changpa who are the traditional herders of Changra Goats. Therefore, they start their journey in the commencement of the creation of Cashmere.

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Changra goat being combed gently

The Cashmere wool grown on the Changra goats is to combat the harsh winter season. Moreover, to overcome the heat of nature, it naturally sheds off fleece during the molting season. The fleece is combed or plucked out manually as well. Thereby, cultivated from nature to cherish every part of fleece. The premium quality, preserved by plucking out the fleece manually is a divine process. Furthermore, the fleece grows toward the steps ahead for the curation of high-quality Pashmina Shawls.

Look upon the meticulous Weaving

The finest and vivid fleece, brought to the loom to make versatile pashms are wholly cleaned. Then, bringing the fleece of Cashmere to pour the quality of highness by cleaning the fibers. Afterward, the clean fibers are dried and soaked in the cast of sunlight. The Changthangi fleece, chosen on its quality is moved ahead. The diligent picking starts off. Cashmere wool, thereby translated into delicate yarn by the meticulous process called Spinning. Moreover, the artisans of the valley with the most skill in their beings work hard upon the ravishing yarn. The handloom, used for the process of weaving Cashmere wool and adorning the ravishing Pashmina Shawl is natural. Consequently, the Cashmere fibers, woven manually and gradually giving rise to a meticulous Pashmina. Moreover, the weaving and interweaving of the pashms are accompanied by the handwork of artisans. Thereby, curating them into Pashmina, bliss for the souls.

The faith of a Pashmina Shawl

After the drying of the pigmented Pashmina Shawl, creating the pattern in a way is the next stop for the elegant Pashmina Shawls. Different Pashmina Shawls bring distinct faiths to themselves. Artists of high skill procure the highly exquisite designs for each masterpiece of Pashmina Shawls. From Solid Pashmina Shawls to Kani Pashmina Shawls, the artists divinely define the beauty of designs and patterns.

Relishing styles of Pashmina Shawls

The Kashmir valley brings joy to several motifs and designs in the form of various styles of Pashmina. The enthralling appearance of Solid Cashmere defines the beauty of creativity. Also, the reversible and Patterned Pashmina forms the collage of exquisite and vivid craft. In addition, the Kani weave Pashmina exuberates the ability of the artisans in the most unique form. Moreover, the traditional and cultural designs of Printed Cashmere are explicitly exclusive. The embellished versions of Pashmina in several styles perform the role of confetti on the top of the cake. The Laced and Swarovski Crystals Pashmina explicitly defines royalty in the craft of heritage.

In addition, the intricacy in the Hand Embroidered Pashmina looks upon the cloud of opulent handwork. As per the requirement, the color of the yarn is selected. The designers dive into various color combinations in order to meet the design needed. Moreover, the choice of colors for the Pashmina shawls is the most divine and creative process as colors act as the soul for the eyes of the onlookers. The beatitude, was never forsaken on any basis, and the selection of colors thus thrust upon the creativity of the designer and artisan.

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