Different weaving techniques for Shawls

Kani weave is the most latest technique in weaving of shawls as 30 colors are used in a single design that makes it colorful and classy. Zari work for those who like a bit of bling, traditional zari in gold, silver and rose gold along with your favorite color makes it a perfect buy for any occasion. Hand Embroidery - With the help of needle and thread, our artisans imagination gives birth to a new design. This technique of decorative stitching enables artisans to use as many colors to create a unique design. Embellishments - Why wear a plain shawl when you can embellish it. Tailor made and pre design pattern can be stitched by hand or machine onto your favorite fabric. Machine Embroidery - Beautiful pre made patterns that are computer generated which makes it uniform as well as adhering to modern standards.

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